Budget, Access, Longevity…My High/Low Fashion Strategy


Here’s the reality—as a fashion enthusiast, it is imperative to consider three things when building your a seasonal wardrobe: budget, access, and longevity. These are all relative to the trends that come and go, so what a lot of stylists are now building a wardrobe with high-end luxury pieces while incorporating in more obtainable classic pieces that, no matter the label, can play together to give a client a chic ensemble.

The question to answer when building your closet is—where do we prioritize? Shoes? Handbags? Accessories? I can guarantee a pair of black pants look the same from Stella McCartney as they do from say, Zara. So shop smart and invest in a category of clothing that will never lose its value and stand the test of time. I personally prioritize shoes for my splurge category: I swear I can convince myself into a stellar pair of Louboutins and then make an entire ensemble look fashion forward from my favorite finds at Zara, Target, or even Asos.

High-waisted pants are a tall girl’s must-have item, so invest in a pair that’s classic and timeless to stay current no matter the trend.

Shop the look:
F21 Sheer blouse | DVF Trousers | Christian Louboutin heels
| H&M necklace | Chanel booties

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  • Bailey Chauner May 10, 2017

    This post is AMAZING! You look like such a boss Ambra. So excited to continue following you and Natalie 🙂

    – Bailey

    • Design Pro Web Solutions May 15, 2017

      Thanks Bailey!!!

  • DonnaT May 16, 2017

    Those shoes tho…that’s all I’m saying(so jealous)!!!

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