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Do you remember the very first time you aspired to own a pair of Christian Louboutins? SMALLZ does! “I was watching an episode of ‘Girlfriends’ with Tracee Ellis Ross, and I noticed her red soles. I remember immediately thinking to myself, ‘Those arches are perfection! Who is the designer of this perfect shoe?’ After one click in my search engine, I had a new obsession with Mr. Louboutin and his wonderful style gift to the world.”

Fast-forward to October 17, 2016: the renowned designer, Mr. Red Bottoms himself, hosted a meet-and-greet at Nordstrom Flagship store in downtown Seattle. We decided it would be epic to meet this man who has changed the definition of luxury shoes and introduced the unique, signature red-bottom appeal for women across the globe. It also seemed imperative that we honor his presence by wearing a pair of red bottoms: cage high heel booties for tallz, classic ‘So Kate’ pumps for SMALLZ.

Unfortunately, we never got the chance: We stood in line for an hour and a half, only to end our quest with just a glimpse of him. But his entrance exuded luxe in mass proportion, with the brightest smile, so we’re not disappointed. Nordstrom has hosted events in honor of other celebrities in beauty and clothing, but nothing to this scale—from the energy in the room to the champagne and macaroons, everything was exceptional.

And Uncle Christian was exactly who we thought he would be. At his signing table, he had a chair for each person coming to meet him, so he could talk to each girl for 5 to 10 minutes! We like to think that he was giving life advice custom-made to each girl, like a fashion Santa Claus. And we’re confident that he would be proud of tallz and SMALLZ and would push us to continue to dream. Thank you, Christian Louboutin, for being that inspiration. Cheers!

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