Comfortable being Uncomfortable…. #wardrobechallenge


My GOODNESS, am I really wearing Doc Martens?!? Ok: let me reset my thoughts to write this post. SMALLZ has had quite the resolutions in 2017 and we are only a month in! She went sugar-free in January and while of course I was supportive, I know what my strengths are, and going without sugar is not one of them. However, we moved on to February and started outlining our ideas to share with you guys, SMALLZ found it interesting to shoot specific items that we’re uncomfortable wearing, to really push ourselves out of the fashion box. I mean, week to week, we encourage you on items that will flatter your body shape and promote new and exciting style selections…but I didn’t think I had to practice this! ☺

Ughhh, well—here’s the deal. Although I love these items for tallz out there in the world, for me personally, it’s a big struggle—whether it’s confidence in pulling it off or fear of embarrassing myself for even taking the risk. Anywho, I landed on this punk rock ensemble.

Living in the PNW, I see this look done so many ways, but never felt I could do it justice. I love the effortless street style and have been drooling over Doc Martens for years, but…me? How do you wear them…they’re so flat. HA! So when my husband blessed me with a pair for Christmas, I felt obliged to take on this challenge.

I hope this prompts you to push yourself and when you see a fellow tallz walking down the street and you think “Me…never”—take a mental note, try it yourself, and bask in the compliments.

Fashion, as we know, is not one-size-fits-all. If you try something and it’s an epic fail, at least you can say you tried. Push your fashion envelopes, see what develops, and create looks while staying true to who and what you stand for…fashion-wise, of course. ☺

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