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Love is the most complicated emotion. These days, love for me means waking up at 2am, 4am, and 6am, and then going to work. Love means sticking with a job that you’ve always wanted at the most turbulent time in business. Love means seeing your husband at the end of the day and falling asleep before you’ve even told him about your day. I love my life (my baby, my husband, and my job), and would not change this “mountain climbing” period in my life because I know “the valley” will be that much sweeter. But my point is that LOVE has a dark side, and it’s important that you see beauty in all its forms.

Next week we celebrate Valentine’s Day and this is a holiday that evokes a tone of the L word. But depending on where you are personally in life, love can make you excited, frustrated, remorseful, seductive, or just plain jolly. Embrace it! You don’t have to do or feel any particular way on this day, and you certainly don’t have to wear any one particular color to pay tribute.

For my look, I purposely chose the theme ‘dark and beautiful’. For ‘beautiful’, I found this incredible off-white lace dress by MISSGUIDED. I love it because of the detail of lace and the scallop hem; it reminds me that one of the things I love about fashion is the details. Plus, my new Chanel booties demanded a white dress!

For ‘dark’, I decided to play up dark makeup. My smoky eye and dark lip aren’t the traditional go-to Valentine’s Day face, but in this case, I wanted to be true to how I was feeling…deep, reflective, and just a little dark.

I know that sometimes it’s not the easiest time of year, but we all have love in our lives. Celebrate the love that is happening right now: Whether it’s a blooming love, a beautiful friendship, a new or lasting relationship, the support of family, a longtime love of admiration and respect, the kindness of strangers, or the affection of your pets—it’s yours, and therefore it will always be beautiful.


Three words…treat. your. self.☺ Take the time and do something special for you, no matter what your circumstance. It doesn’t have to be grand, but it does have to be meaningful. Chances are, you already know exactly what it already is, so don’t wait for someone to think of it and do it for you. DO IT FOR YOURSELF! I promise that it will be just as sweet.

Shop the look: Chanel Boots (similar) Link | MISSGUIDED Dress Link | LIPP Beautifully Lipstick Link | H&M Rings Link

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