Dear Velvet – I will give you one more chance…

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Since I’ve start blogging about fashion and my life, I’ve slowly noticed that fashion has meant a lot to me for a long time, before I even truly recognized it. Fashion has created embarrassment, growth, and empowerment in my individual confidence and esteem. Thinking back, it makes me smile, because for almost every article, there is a story.

I remember wearing my first pair of velvet pants, aka: corduroys. It was the longest day of fifth grade. #stillnotoverit Kids said things like “You’re going to start a fire with odd pants” and “I can hear you coming from a mile away!” Needless to say—when I got home, I promptly told my mom and vowed to myself that I would never wear that fabric again!

Well, fast forward to fall of 2016 and velvet is ALL on the runway and in magazines. Doesn’t the fashion industry know what this fabric has done to me? (This is me being sensible and understanding.?) And not only that—but it looks good! There’s so many options, from velvet dresses and skirts to pants—and even shoes! Maybe this is an opportunity to right a wrong. Should I try velvet again??

It seems that the overwhelming answer is yes. And so far so good: as you’ve seen, I bought a pair of red velvet boots and I love them. And this week, I’ll be in a velvet dress, just to show my commitment to the trend. Just be delicate with your comments: I’m still a little touchy. 😉


Whenever I try a trend I’m not completely comfortable or confident in, I always accessorize with my favorite staples: leather jacket and thigh boots. No matter what, they both always make everything look great. There is an art to dipping your toe in fashion and not jumping right in.

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