Is Your Wardrobe Really Ready For the Summer? Five Must-Haves

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Ok, hear me out: the other day, I realized that after four straight 80-degree days, I honestly felt I was out of things to wear. I know you’ll have a hard time believing me, but it’s true! Now, I have been shopping for summer, of course, but it was more geared towards summer beach vacation than the office; naturally, I’m not looking to walk into the office in cutoff shorts and  a swimsuit. (If you can wear that to work, please leave a comment with your job at the end of this post and I will contact you promptly. 😜)

If this story made a light bulb go off for you as well, don’t panic. I’m on it! I have 5 key pieces that are stylish and will integrate seamlessly into your existing wardrobe, and that you can buy right now to wear to work or on the weekend.

1. Gauchos

This 1970s trend caught the express train to 2017, and I welcomed it with open arms! Seriously, whether you’re a SMALLZ or a tallz, there is a gaucho out there right now with your name on it. My favorites right now are by J. Crew and Joe’s Jeans.  For my height, I choose the high-waisted fit to lengthen my legs through the torso since the hems stops around mid-calf. Try on a couple different styles to see what works with your body. 

2. Avant-Garde Blouse  

I love effortless high fashion and it doesn’t get any easier than this latest trend.  The magic of the avant-garde blouse is versatility: it dresses up and down well, it works well with any color, and it’s done well at multiple price points. My favorites include a delicate bell-sleeve blouse from Topshop and this showstopper off-the-shoulder from Self Portrait.

#SMALLZtip: because it’s about the details of the shirt, I recommend going with a color or print, but not both.

3. Neck Scarf

This is another timeless piece that has been pumped full of new life! I went directly to Pinterest after I bought my first scarf and looked for new ways to wear it. You can tie it multiple ways depending on the length, but you also can attach it to your handbag or wear it as a belt! I’m obsessed with this cactus-print scarf by Sole Society, and of course the queen of feminine fashion, Victoria Beckham, created the perfect scarf with Target.

4. Slides 

With this particular trend, I started out as a healthy skeptic. I personally prefer for all my shoes to have a back, and I didn’t think that my 8.5 foot could be flattered in this style of shoe. I was dead wrong! The newest designs of slide are meant to compliment every foot and draw the attention to the front of the shoe.  For a true “heel girl”, this is backwards thinking, but it works. Oh, and did I mention you can just slide them on? If you’re still not convinced, the price point for the style makes it an easy jump. These bright Zara slides and these cool everyday slides by Dolce Vita are two of my favorites.

5. Midi DressNever mess with a good thing: this is truth in life and definitely in fashion. A dress should be a part of any summer wardrobe, but while your first instinct may lead you to a maxi or mini, this time try out a midi dress. Why? Because the midi dress is the new figure-maximizing silhouette. Somehow, it single-handedly adds shape in all the right places to everyone I’ve seen it on. Take this gingham midi dress by River Island  that stole my heart, or this summer-white midi dress by Mango. You’re going to need to put out disclaimers before walking out in these showstoppers!

So now that you have your new gauchos, avant-garde  blouse, beautiful scarf, trend slides, and classic midi dress, you are officially ready for the summer! I’ll be looking for pictures from you to see how you seamlessly integrated these key pieces into your existing wardrobe—so don’t forget to tag us, because we’re always looking to you for inspiration as well! #reallysummerready #thesmarternotharderwardrobe



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