Monochromatic tallz


I know what you’re thinking—we’ve seen black and white done, time and time again. But why not elevate this color palette by mixing prints? I will be honest: I was initially a little hesitant with mixing prints. I mean, I don’t want to give anyone a headache when I’m walking down the street—rather a head turn. Like, ‘Yessss…see what you did there?’ Because there’s just something about an outfit with personality. Hey, as long as the color palette remains consistent, why not mix it up and bring an interesting point of view?

I love cultural reflections in my wardrobe, and prints can be your colorful mix in a potentially dull ensemble. A great tailored item like these ankle-length joggers says that you are thinking about fit, but also being relevant to the style. This length accentuates your power stride, helping you exude confidence when you walk into a room.

Prints, prints, and more prints: as long as the base is common, you can do so many magical things with a print! Have fun—there are no rules to self-expression.

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H& M Jacket Link | H&M Top (similar) Link |
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