#NoComfortZone: Eat Or Be Eaten

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Full disclosure: one of my biggest fashion fears is wearing animal print. Whether it’s snake or zebra (and don’t even talk about leopard…eek!) the only skin I want anything to do with is leather. Tallz does not have this problem; she averages an animal print outfit a week. And every time she wears one, I find myself in awe of her—she’s so courageous and daring. How does she do that? Or for that matter, how does anyone do that?

I always felt like if I wore an animal print, someone would immediately come up to me and say, “Take that off, you look ridiculous.” And I would take it off because I completely agree! Lol. So when I suggested that we experiment with dressing outside our comfort zone this month, I knew exactly what I had to do.

Honestly? It wasn’t bad! Enjoyable is actually the word I would use to describe it! I choose this adorable midi dress from Asos. And just for some added panic, I paired it with a vest, a hat (also a rarity), and socks with heels. Taking photos in this outfit made me feel like a completely different person—a person who takes risks and welcomes challenges. Yeah! I like that person, and promised myself I would try it again (but maybe after taking a big break). Sometimes all you need is a little uncomfortable to experience something wonderful.

There’s still time…tag us this week with your brave new outfits and use the hashtag #wardrobechallenge or #nocomfortzone. I can’t wait to see them!


If you are joining us this week for the #wardrobechallenge, don’t feel pressured to dive head first into your fashion fears; you can start with a toe. If you’re like me and are trying a print this week, go with a silhouette that you’re comfortable with. Or if you’re wearing heels for the first time, try a simple black style. Baby steps ARE steps! Make this an experience that you will reflect on with a smile, and you’re more likely to try it again.

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