OH What a 2016…A Christmas Story


It’s that time of year again, where most people like myself are giddy and full of excitement because festive celebrations are upon us. This time of year, I look forward to a couple weeks of spending quality time with my family. Watching our children’s faces as we decorate the Christmas tree and making holiday cookies really puts this year in perspective, including stronger friendships, some obstacles along the way and career growth.

It makes 2017 all the more intriguing. What is to come, where will my brand go, what is expected for my family? So many opportunities are just around the corner and I want to seize the day! I encourage you dreamers to keep dreaming, you artists to continue creating and you
entrepreneurs to keep pursuing.

#tallzTIP: Never allow fear of the unknown to stop progress. Every day, do something, anything towards the direction of progress.

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