Runway to Everyday (Gucci)


By now you probably know that Gucci has been all over the fashion news lately, having reignited their brand from runway to ready to wear!

Well, SMALLZ and I are officially obsessed. Whether it’s the mixing of patterns (my fave) or the bows (SMALLZ’s signature), but one things is certain for me: splurging on Gucci apparel is not my priority to when staying on trend. As I mentioned in my High/Low post, shoes are my vice!

But loving a brand’s apparel collection, even if not making it your wardrobe, can help keep you connected to what retailers are doing to bring these styles to the everyday consumer—that stylish fashionista who wants to play with trends but has to consider cost before committing.

Well, this is by far one of my favorite ways to shop. SMALLZ keeps us on track with the fashion shows and previews, and then we run the races in creating those amazing looks within our everyday wardrobes. And Gucci was a standout for Fall ’17: the jacquard finishes and vibrant floral pieces spoke to me, and I knew I had to incorporate that into my must-haves. Hopefully this inspires you to reach for the look without falling out on budget!

Don’t sweat trying to stay current with high designer threads. Create a Pinterest board and get to searching your favorite brands, then look for the similar pieces that give you the high quality feels for half the price.

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