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Everyone has a #fashionmagiccolor: it’s the color that brings out your eyes, or maybe it makes your skin glow. Maybe you have a pair of pants or a coat in this color, but you’ve never considered wearing shades of that color from head to toe. Well, why not? Do you remember how many compliments you received when you wore that ice-blue sweater? What if it was paired with the navy jeans, royal blue trench, and sapphire pumps? Your eyes/skin would stop people in their tracks!

Now, it’s true, monochromatic inherently goes against all the traditional style rules that say to not be too “matchy”, or that wearing too much of the same color is tacky. But on the other side of these myths is a daring statement and a whole perspective—and it actually looks incredibly thoughtful and put together. Complementary colors create a luxe, effortless palette that’s visually interesting and translates in any shape and size. Blues and browns are great starter colors; try out YOUR color and tell us what you think!

When wearing multiple shades of the same color, you want to be careful that it doesn’t fall flat. Add depth and dimension by using different fabrics and prints; leather and satin are one of my favorite combinations. By introducing multiple textures and patterns, you create interest
and break up the subtle change in color.

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