Hey!! My name is Ambra (noun; am•brah), a native of Maryland and a lover of Old Bay, anything edible that comes out of the sea, beauty and of course my Ravens!

Representing “tallz” is near and dear to me, as I have always felt like an awkward ostrich most of my life. Growing up, I had my fair share of high-water pants and chilled wrists, so as soon as I hit high school I had to figure out my wardrobe quickly! A lot of my fellow “tallz” ask me where I shop, where I get my 34”-36” inseam pants, and if tailoring is my only option. Happily, the answer to that last one is NO. We are in an age where a lot of brands are understanding that there is a real market for ladies who want to dress nicely, be fashion-forward, and, oh yeah, are 5’8” or taller. Goodbye to the days of rolling our pant legs to make ankle-length, or pulling up our sleeves on the shirts that are not long enough for your arms.

#TallzTip: If you’re like me, with a shorter torso and all legs, I suggest getting a layering piece like this simple tee in a longer length to balance out your overall casual vibe; I do this when I know my bomber is going to cut me short. I mean, the effort is to not look like a lollipop….you know, a stem with a round top!