The Edgy (Yes, Edgy!) Side of Florals

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I know, I know, any time you hear about a floral fashion story, you, like me, may hear Meryl Streep say flatly, “Florals. For spring? Groundbreaking.” But it’s fall, and fall dark florals are anything but basic. In fact, I would be so bold as to say they’re the new “it” print. Dark florals still have everything you love about florals: they’re feminine, romantic, and fresh. The dark component adds edge, mystery, and a chic factor. All of a sudden and with one piece, you become an enigmatic goddess worthy of Athena and Hera! Sign me up. #darkfloralgoddess

For my dark floral look, I really wanted to add a menswear style; I LOVE a sense of irony in my personal style, combining the hard and soft elements. For soft, I focused on the color of the dress (berry really complements my skin tone) and the type of flower. For the hard/menswear element, I accessorized with a beret and peacoat. I also did something I rarely ever do—I wore flats! It always surprises me what flats can do to an outfit, partly because I rarely wear them. I felt playful, comfortable, and fashionable. Who can ask for more than that!?

It’s the last thing I would expect to come out of my mouth, but sometimes you have to embrace the flat shoe. As soon as I put on this outfit with flats, I was afraid that my legs would shrink, but it actually had the opposite effect. Going a little over the knee leaves enough skin to break up my proportions—but I would suggest keeping the dress and coat the same length.

Shop the Look: Forever 21 Hat Link | H&M Peacoat (similar) Link | Banana Republic Dress Link | Manolo Blahnik Oxfords Link

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