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Happy holidays!! This year my merriment revolves around one very small person: my daughter! Simone Marie will be 6 months this Christmas and I’m obsessed with giving her the best “first” Christmas. Even as I write this, I’m having a little chuckle because yes, I know she will not remember any of this. All of this is totally for me, but if you ask me it’s all for her.

Our holiday outfit was actually inspired by her as well. I’ve been dressing her in constant onesies, like a lot of new moms, and I find myself envious—I want to put on a footed outfit for the day. And it’s not like you’re going anywhere on Christmas; you just get to hang out with your family, eat too much, and be cute. (Well, at least if you’re a six-month-old.) And eureka! Adult onesie pjs Christmas shoot, done. And yes, it was just as wonderful as I imagined! A cotton-knit, real-life human “cosí”.

Put adult onesie on your Christmas list—you won’t regret it!


I will admit the butt flap was challenging for bathroom use, but if the full-length pajama is an unnecessary challenge for you, don’t let that stop you from participating in the adult pajama revolution. Sets (pants or shorts and a top) come in just as many patterns and prints from a ton of vendors!

Shop the Look: Victoria’s Secret Pajama Link (similar) | Urban Decay Lipstick Link | Target Mug Link | Nordstrom Blanket Link (similar)

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