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Early June I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, MX to celebrate my husband and I anniversary!

A bit extravagant for just 2yrs of marriage but we make it a point to take the time to get away. Get away from being parents, employees, the rain in Seattle, the list can go one… I mean last year we went to Trinidad & Tobago so this has become sort of a tradition to visit somewhere breath taking to celebrate our union

Any who beyond the lovey dovey stuff, I am here to share how I packed for such occasion. It’s always important to me to NEVER, I mean never check a bag. I cannot be without my hygiene and makeup if for whatever reason it gets held up on connecting flights

So I always start the process with the location in mind and also consider adventures we may experience while in other parts of the world. As most woman, I too can over pack and I think it’s more of a point to prove that every piece is essential.

Hygiene Tip

Of course, pack per TSA qualifications of liquids under 4oz. If for whatever reason you need and I stress need an item say perfume or hair care, try to get a sample at your local over the counter retailer. That way you still get the product you love and don’t have to check your bag (this is only pertinent for trips under 6 days)

Clothing Tip

The absolutely best approach for traveling to the Caribbean is go light and flowy. Not only it is incredibly easy to pack – simple roll your garment but also wrinkles fall quick when unpacking. Same goes for bath suits 2-3 max, roll and go

Shoes Tip

Ok this is where I almost lost myself LOL however I kept it simple, sandals, sandals, sandals. A neutral pair such as black (STEVE MADDEN), a fun pair (TARGET) and a Slide (GIVENCHY) This way even if it’s a dressier occasion a neutral flat will never get in the way of a beautiful maxi dress. Not only are you comfortable your fashionable

*I wore tennis shoes during my travel so I didn’t need to pack them and had them on hand for any outdoor adventures.

I would be lying if I said I wore everything I packed, because I didn’t however I was ready for whatever. Excursions, water activities and a romantic dinner under the stars.

Hope this helps! Tell me what you MUST have on your trips!

Side note Riu Palace Hotel, Puerto Vallarta was by far the most opulent hotel I have ever stayed. This all-inclusive resort had 6 restaurants, a performance theater, largest pool area, off the beach location and 24 hour access to everything. I highly recommend. Staff were friendly, food was impeccable and the drinks runneth over *)

Casa Tradicional Cocina Mexicana

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