Wardrobe Challenge #1: Dressing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Fashion tallz and SMALLZ

When was the last time you wore something that made you uncomfortable? No, we’re not talking about an article of clothing being too tight, too long, or falling apart. We’re talking about that yellow dress you’ve been eyeing at the store, but you keep saying yellow is not your color. Or the pair of cute heels that you promise you don’t know how to walk in.

Uncomfortable is not a bad word; being comfortable can make us complacent. Yes, —that may be a little deep for clothes, but why not? Stepping into a challenging place allows for risk, reward, excitement, and facing fears. Simply put, why not let your clothes be that baby step to taking more risks in life?!

This week, we’re taking on our first Wardrobe Challenge and stepping away from our traditional aesthetic to break out of our style comfort zone. You will quickly see and find out why this one was exciting and revealing for both of us—and we would love for you to join us! Wear something new this week, take a picture, and post on Instagram with the hashtag #wardrobechallenge or #nocomfortzone, and don’t forget to tag us!



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