Why Dressing High/Low is Magical


I have something to confess: my name is Natalie and I’m addicted to shoes. ☺ #sorrynotsorry

Why am I saying this now? Well, over the last couple of weeks, especially when I was having trouble deciding what to wear, I’ve been picking what shoes I want and letting everything else come together. I’m starting to recognize that shoes have all the power in my wardrobe; I devote a healthy (because positive words matter) portion of my fashion budget to the soles of my feet. Plus, shoes are also the gateway into those brands that I love but whose main pieces I currently can’t afford (not kidding— this is a legitimate vice, lol).

But my second revelation is that, since I am not Beyoncé and can’t spend my mortgage on my closet, so I strive to save on the rest of my look; bundling my designer handbag or shoes with a pair of H&M jeans or Zara jacket is one of my favorite concepts (or you could say my only option). In the industry, this has been lovingly nicknamed #dressinghighlow. And as it turns out, combining your high-end pieces with the low-priced ones within a single outfit truly has magical properties:

1. It elevates your entire look without spending any additional funds. When I wear my favorite Gucci boots, people often assume that the rest of my outfit is Gucci by default.

2. It streamlines your wardrobe. Let’s face it, your money is hard earned, so when you muster up enough to purchase a Givenchy handbag, you’ll likely choose a neutral color that will go with the majority of your wardrobe.

3. It affirms your individual style. There’s nothing like the decision to spend more money than you usually would to make you much more aware of the specific things you love about fashion and how it’s unique to you.

This week, my high piece is my pair of perfect white Chanel booties. Until I bought these ladies, I didn’t even consider white a neutral color, but now I wear them with everything. And because I’m embracing spring, I paired them back to a baby blue eyelet skirt and faux leather jacket from Zara, both originally $70. Yes, for a skirt that’s a little pricey, but for a leather jacket that’s amazing! I finished the look with a white tee for $20 and did a knot in the front because I’m proud of this post-baby body, but also to create additional faux tailoring.

The shoes definitely drive this outfit, but when I put it all together it felt very polished and easy. I love when your clothing doesn’t have to work hard to work together, don’t you!? I hope you’re starting to plan fun high/low outfit as your next one now—and we’d love to see it, so tag us in pics!


Don’t force it. It’s fine if shoes aren’t your thing; you can buy a high end pair of jeans and pair it back to a pair of Steve Madden shoes: trust that those jeans will do the trick. This is not about anyone else but you and your potential to create an elevated look; it’s a matter of starting with that item that you’re willing to spend a little more on.

Shop the look: Zara faux leather jacket link | Zara skirt | Target tee link | Favery necklace link | Chanel booties

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